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Determine Strategic Sourcing Wiki Series

The wiki continues to grow and replenish information. There are wiki-papers on 32 different topics. They are divided into the following four sub-series:

The Basics

This section contains introductory wiki-papers to strategic sourcing, including coverage of Best Practices, Success Factors, and On-Demand Benefits.

The Technologies

This section contains in-depth wiki-papers on the core strategic sourcing technologies, including Spend Analysis, e-RFx, e-Auctions, Decision Optimization, Contract Management, and Supplier Performance Management.

The Methodologies

This section contains a plethora of wiki-papers on important topics a strategic sourcing professional should be aware of, including Center Led Purchasing, Procurement Outsourcing, Purchasing Consortiums, and Talent Management.

A Global Sourcing Primer

As the world flattens, it gets bumpier and bumpier with the constantly increasing barrage of legal and financial requirements that a corporation has to manage to keep its supply chain running smoothly. This section provides an introduction to the various complexities of Global Sourcing and Global Trade that a professional needs to be aware of, including Low Cost Country Sourcing, Supply Risk Management, and Supply Chain Finance.

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