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Welcome to eSourcingWiki

"Your knowledge won't amount to much if you don't have a network of people to share it with." - Tim Sanders, Fast Company
"If you have a penny and I have a penny and we exchange pennies, we both still have one cent. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange them, we both now have two ideas." - Anonymous

About eSourcingWiki

eSourcingWiki is an open content community of strategic sourcing and procurement best practices. This wiki is intended to be a dynamic document that constantly adjusts and transforms to current trends and thought leadership in supply management. Determine welcomes global contributors to assist in the ongoing documentation and knowledge building that is essential to creating useful information for supply management professionals.

About Determine

Determine is dedicated to empowering sourcing and purchasing professionals. Our blend of acclaimed software and services provides the means to easily and effectively incorporate best-in-class procurement practices on a global scale. By using Determine technology focused on strategic sourcing, business intelligence, spend analysis, supplier management, and contract management, our clients are delivering on the ROI critical for transforming procurement today. For more information about Determine, please visit or email

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