The Methodologies

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Strategic Sourcing Wiki Series:
The Methodologies

  1. Center Led Purchasing
    The Procurement Organization of Tomorrow
  2. Cost Reduction and Avoidance
    Best Practice Principles of Corporate Procurement
  3. Demand Driven Supply
    A pull-based customer-centric approach to supply chain planning and execution
  4. Next Generation Sourcing
    21 Strategies to Innovate Sourcing
  5. Procurement Outsourcing
    A Brief Introduction
  6. Purchasing Consortia
    The Emerging Collective
  7. Six Sigma
    Improve Supply Chains through Methodology
  8. Supplier Enablement
    The Secret to Sourcing Success
  9. Supplier Performance Management
    Measure, Analyze and Manage Suppliers in a Supply Organization
  10. Sourcing Leaders
    Leading the Way to World Class Performance
  11. Talent Management
    Build and Retain World Class Sourcing Talent
  12. Strategic Services Management
    Managing the Value Chain
  13. An Introduction to Green Purchasing
    It is Easy Being Green
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