A Global Sourcing Primer

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Strategic Sourcing Wiki Series:
A Global Sourcing Primer

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
    A Sustainable Solution
  2. Low Cost County Sourcing
    A Blogger's Perspective
  3. An Introduction Global Trade?
    The Basics of Global Trade
  4. An e-Procurement Primer
    9 Steps to Procurement Success
  5. A Supply Chain Finance Primer
    Financing Your Way to Success
  6. A Customs and Security Primer
    Keeping the Global Supply Chain Secure
  7. A Free Trade Primer
    Global Tax Relief
  8. A Regulatory Compliance Primer
    Keeping it Legal
  9. Supply Risk Management
    Mitigate Risks and Reap Rewards
  10. Supply Chain Fraud
    The Biggest Risk to Your Supply Chain?

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